Trauma Department Hosts Event to Educate on Safety

mental_health If you want to talk safety, it's nice to also deliver a thrill.

That was the case on Saturday, May 14, when the Trauma Department at Inland Valley Medical Center hosted a Teen Expo at The Promenade Temecula, headlined by the world-famous Metal Mulisha Army Motocross stunt team.

The riders performed aerial jumps and stunts high above the street located in front of Edward’s Cinemas, all in the name of safety.

“It was something you had to see in person,” said Jenn Lee, Director of Emergency Services at Inland Valley. “The crowds were fantastic and everyone had an amazing time.”

The Trauma Department sponsored the event to educate the public on the proper use of safety equipment when riding scooters, skateboards and bikes, as well as the dangers of drinking and texting while driving a vehicle.

“We want this to be a fun, interactive and informative event for not only teens, but their families as well,” said Lee. “If we can help save one life by educating someone on how to avoid traumatic incidents, then it’s all worth it.”

In addition to the motocross riders, the event hosted more than 30 vendor booths, featuring a wide variety of products and services.

The Inland Valley Trauma Team
Inland Valley Medical Center is the only hospital designated a Trauma Center by Riverside County's Emergency Services Agency, with specially trained physicians and other healthcare providers who are available 24/7 to perform immediate assessment, resuscitation, emergency surgery and stabilization of trauma patients. It also has an emergency helipad that provides a landing area for helicopter ambulances.

“Our trauma team sees too many preventable injuries and we want to make sure people stay safe while having fun,” said Bridget Martin, Trauma Program Manager at Inland Valley.